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About vocabulary lessons

The bab.la Vocabulary Lessons are optimal to learn vocabulary and new words in a foreign language. Whether you are learning French, German, Spanish or Italian, you can create vocabulary lessons in any language of your choice. You can even learn languages for which we do not offer a dictionary yet. You can customize your vocabulary lessons to fit your own needs, including information such as grammar, additional translations or any extra details that you want to learn while flipping your cards. The vocabulary lessons are also optimized for responsive design, meaning you can also learn on the go, on your mobile phone or your tablet.

If you would rather skip the vocabulary lesson drafting process, you can choose among existing lessons created by other bab.la users and start learning straight away. We also offer bab.la featured lessons, prepared and translated by our team of language lovers. We have lessons in 30 languages and many more language combinations. All the vocabulary lessons can be found using the search bar above, after selecting the relevant language combination and field of study you are interested in.

Upon creating a new vocabulary lesson, you can decide whether this lesson is meant to be private, in which case only you can use it and have access to it. You can also choose to leave the lesson accessible to all users. Even if they adapt and modify your lesson, the changes are only seen by themselves, your own lesson remains intact. This makes it a great tool for teachers who want to motivate their pupils to learn new vocabulary.

The lessons focus on the job-related topics or school and university if you are looking for a professional purpose to the vocabulary lesson. We also have lessons about travelling or hobbies if you want to learn a few words for a specific situation, for instance before heading abroad for a holiday. We also have a series of vocabulary lessons to help you prepare for language exams, such as TOEFL or TOEIC. They will assist you in learning the relevant vocabulary for the tests you are preparing for. They are divided by levels but also by categories, for instance you can choose to focus on idioms or business-related words. If you need more information about how the vocabulary lessons work, you can check our FAQ section.